Why Hire The Virtual Office Goddess?

We know that working on day-to-day administrative tasks is limiting your time to meet the ever growing demands of your clients. Furthermore, we understand your need for time to create and develop the innovative marketing strategies that will attract new clients, who will in turn fuel the future growth and success of your business. The Virtual Office Goddess frees you of the administrative time that every business requires by providing you with basic bookkeeping and office support services, via Virtual Assistance.

One of the advantages of working with The Virtual Office Goddess is that we see ourselves as a partner in your business, since we also have a vested interest in helping your business succeed.  While most employees are just in it for the paycheck, your continued business growth with our assistance ensures our continued business growth, as well.

As you know, a large percentage of small businesses generate less than 30 deposits/checks every month. For many business owners, just the manual data entry of 30 items and monthly bank statement reconciliation alone can take upwards of 4 hours every month (plus keeping track and filing your quarterly income tax reports). Due to our experience, this same process can be handled in a fraction of that time. By also providing check writing, bank, retainer, and credit card reconciliation services, we can save you more than 8 additional hours of your time each month. We also have the knowledge and experience to prepare your business accounts for your CPA (rather than you paying them 3 times as much for the same process!) so they can file your annual taxes in a timely manner.

Keeping your accounts up-to-date allows you to always know where your business finances stand. We can generate monthly reports to show where your income is being generated, where your cash drains are, and other vital financial information that helps you keep your business running smoothly.

Because The Virtual Office Goddess is a contractor (NOT an employee) and we work ‘virtually’ from our own offices, using our service reduces the expense to your business of providing payroll (including the employer tax payments of 18%+), office space, furniture, computer equipment, etc. for everyday office functions. We are available on an “at-need” basis rather than expecting, or requiring, a set amount of hours to be worked each week; if a project takes 2 hours, you only pay us for 2 hours.

Most owners of small businesses spend more time administering their business than earning money. Our services could help you increase your profits and give better service to your clients and help you improve your business by solving the following business stumbling blocks:

  • You spend time on administration when you should be billing hours.
  • You want support but don’t want red-tape or employee problems.
  • You want to be attracting new clients, servicing existing client’s needs, while also having time to network and follow up leads.
  • You know if you were more organized you would achieve more billable hours.
  • Your computer skills are not what they need to be. When it comes to computer tasks, you would prefer to have an expert take care of those items, or train you how to do them yourself!
  • Flexibility is important to you; you may need work completed outside normal working hours.
  • Your work life balance is important to you and you want to have an administrative partner who understands the way you work to the extent that they can represent you and your business when you are taking time out.

After all, why hire a mere mortal when you have access to a Goddess?


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